The last couple of years I've been lucky enough to meet some suuuper nice, amazing and adventurous couples from lots of other countries. They are all coming to Norway to experience the beautiful nature and want me to document their love in the midst of our amazing scenery. I can't express how much I love doing these trips, how much fun it is and what an honor it is :)

Alcina and Glenn from Singapore wanted to do a 'couples photo shoot' while they were in Norway this summer. At first I did all the communication with Alcina, so I was curious about this Glenn that I hadn't spoken to yet. But about a 6 weeks before we met up, Glenn contacted me and told me that he was secretly planning to propose to Alcina while in Norway! What!! Yay! Proposal! For reals? That was my immediate reaction, beacause documenting a proposal has been a long time dream of mine! (and still is, so bring me along if you're proposing to your gf!)

Have a look at the images below to see the proposal, Alcinas reaction, and some portraits of the newly engaged happy couple!

PS! You can see that Alcina knew long ago that Glenn was the one, seeing she already had her wedding dress ready for what she thought was going to be a regular couples photo shoot. How awesome and quirky and cute is that!