I love getting to travel to beautiful places like the Lofoten islands to take pictures, it just doesn't get much better than that! Meeting up with adventurous, awesome people, and spending the day getting to know them whilst making beautiful images. That's literally my dream assignment :)

So of course I was super excited when Jillian and Jason from Malaysia contacted me. They were getting married in New York and wanted to travel to Lofoten, a group of islands in Northern Norway for their wedding pictures. Fast forward from emailing and skyping, to an overcast spring day in Lofoten, and we're off on our adventure!

We started up early in the afternoon in Svolvær, and spent the day making our way westward towards Vestvågøy and Uttakleiv beach. It was a great day from start to finish, with the only puropse of having a good time and making beautiful pictures. Of course, with Lofoten being quite far north, the weather was playing games with us all day, but we didn't let that stop us, and dodged the rain and fog, but also made sure to capture some really cool dramatic portraits. 

Here's what Jillian emailed me after seeing their pictures:

"Literally burst out in joy seeing the pictures! This is AMAZING! You are amazing!"

So thank you sooo much Jillian and Jason for spending the day making memories and beautiful images with me :) You rock!

Are you planning your wedding, and want to add Norway to the plans, give me a shout! Be it small elopements, a small portrait session, some pre-wedding pictures, or a full sized wedding, I'm in :)